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As LQQM continously develops and expands,they moves forward to satisfying the demand of the market in the meantime.In 2013,LQQM’s two wholly-owned modern food production and logistics foundations were started to construct in Shangdong Dezhou and Shanghai Qingpu District in succession.First-stage project in Dezhou taking up 8000 meters square has been finished and come into operation.Adding this to the second-stage project being built,the overall Dezhou production and logistic foundation has occupied about 70000 square meters .And Shanghai Qingpu foundation which possesses 21000 square meters is being constructed and predicted to be formally finished in July 2015.


The establishment of the two modernized base in Shandong Dezhou and Shanghai Qingpu District,which radiate the North and East China markets respectively ,suggests that LQQM has started its deepening development in national market.They are not only beneficial to offer the freshest products and the fastest logistics distribution,but intensify the pattern of the production and distribution in brand channels sinking. By doing this,in the future market in North and East China,LQQM’s advantage in duration and facility in the market opening up,network building and distribution reveal themselves more forcefully.

   In Oct.2014,Qualms Chengdu base in Taichung was finished being constructed and came into operation.Besides,LQQM is scheduled to construct three more modernized food production and logistics bases,radiating South,Central and Northeast China respectively.

Meanwhile,to cooperate with the market exploration and coverage,LQQM,has set up several marketing branches in Guangzhou.Wuhan,Chongqing,Hefei and Changchun.etc,all managing their markets in nearby areas.From 2015,in order to realise the delicate cultivation in every regional market,LQQM plans to establish marketing branches in province level.This move,collaborating the complete constructon and new operation of production and logistics bases,help to cover all the patterns of regional marketing in the term of both extension and depth.



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