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The brand name“Victor” means winner or conquror in English and the Chinese name is transliterated from it.So the brand name predicts Victor pizza restaurant will stand out in Chinese western fast food market.

Victor pizza restaurant’s predecessor is Victor mini pizza,which was originated by Charlie Chai in 2012.Charlie Chai explored the mini pizza firstly and introduced this kind of product to domestic market.After repeating experiments and combining with local recipe,developping new sauces,Victor mini pizza was formally launched in 2012,which soom became a great success.Big cities witnessed a new food fever in just a few months.Victor mini pizza became the new favorite in the food and drink industry.

After years of operation of Victor mini pizza franchise,the company planned a new round of transformation and evolution. In the firece development,the monotonous take-out window failed to meet the need.So the company abandoned the window pattern and chose chain restaurant patterns,Victor pizza restaurants borned at the right moment.

In June 2014,the first Victor restaurant was opened in Optics valley Square which is Wuhan city’s

Most important transportation junction and commercial center. Optics Valley Square’s complete facilities and convenient transportation will bring enthusiastic popularity and traffic.The grand opening in Wuhan optics valley square marked a milestone step,which turns Victor from take-out windows to chain stores.


Besides,the food products become more various than inside the take-out store.We added salad,soup,snacks,baked rice,dessert and drinks, the symbolic V-shape pizza and round pizza.

To develop products more satisfying consumers’ appetites.LQQM company intentionally employed weatern food master chefs who have led the research teams to innovate and develop more plentiful,more healthy and more nutrient food products,perserving the original flavor and combining local materials

Furthermore,spacious ,bright and unique in design style,the new restaurant can provide more homelike dining environment and total avoid the situations influenced by weather and ouside environment at the previous take-out windows as before.To think about what the consumers thank about is a key factor to compel the Victor turn to chain stores

As an advocate for the new fashion of western fast food,Victor restaurants always put the consumer first in the process of product development,store environment and customer experience.

In addition,we always pursue ceaseless innovation and self-transcendence in order to make Victor pizza restaurants to be western fast chain stores of the new generation.



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