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Innovation originated from a ideal

How can we make soy-milk , a kind of healthy and tasty traditional drink available for consumers every time and everywhere?Together with many professionals in this area,Mr.Charlie Chad ,president of LQQM,who has been struggled for more than 10 years,finally figured out a a way,after constant pondering ,trials and errors,which is instant soy-bean milk cups.By means of brand-new instant drink,you can choose a hot or cool way and the drink dissolves quickly and smells aromatic.It can make every soy-bean milk lover have the opportunity to enjoy the mellow flavor and the abundant nutrients of the drink.

The quality is based on a standard.

We only choose high-quality non-genetically modified soybeans in Northeast. The whole process is consisted of 16 processes and four critical processes. Twice grinding, twice filter and twice high-temperature sterilization keep the vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutritious essential ingredients in natural soybeans, which makes the protein and unsaturated fatty acid be more easily absorbed by the body. It truly made the taste experience of "each taste of the consumers is the essence".

For LQQM, we are not just producing a cup of soybean milk, we are building a kind of standard, a consistently high quality, a behavior that is really responsible for the consumers and a totally different healthy lifestyle.

Present a foreseeable future tomorrow.

It can be imagined that in the near future, LQQM cup soybean milk will company the consumers to go to different scenes like companies, houses and convenient stores. It can bring health and good taste to every one in a day. And this is original purpose of the pioneer and leader of the LQQM cup soybean milk.



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