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LQQM Hand grab cakeThe family has added new members.

Date:2014/09/12    Publisher:粮全其美

LQQM Hand grab cakeThe family has added new members.Following the flavor, onion fragrant sesame flavor, grain the hand grasping cake add prunes food flavor, wheat flavor two "healthy" new flavors, further enrich the grain the Hand grab cake category, for consumers to provide more choice

Autumn in September, grain the prune dish taste and whole wheat taste hand grasping cake 5 family pack, 20 share pack, 100 pieces of conventional charge Qi Qi listed, always adhering to the "excellent quality, new into the" healthy "good ingredients,To the "grain heart" in the end Food

Nan, head on the picturesque beauty of water; the level is like a mirror, reflecting the small bridges between the blue tiles. Exquisite and simple Jiangnan style, but there are people chewy aftertaste, Ling Jie Food. Is the so-called, Zuiwo autumn lane, but find also; nowadays, liangquanqimei blowing lengthy "Jiangnan wind", the area south of the Yangtze River is the heritage of the ancient art of dishes with modern food trends for the perfect combination, officially launched prune dish taste hand grasping cake

Plum dried vegetables, the more "in Handbook of saying, aroma assail the nostrils, heat Jieshu, clean viscera, Xiaoji food, cough, appetizers. Used as ingredients, can send fresh tasty. Grain the plum dried vegetables taste Shouzhua cake, select Jiangnan quality prune dish as raw materials, drying, salting, drying, steaming, sealing, detailed process ensure excellent quality.

Whole wheat, grain low-fat high fiber containing high vitamin, fiber, minerals and a variety of nutrients, eat more, through the stomach, lowering cholesterol, enhance the body resistance force. Grain full of the whole wheat bread, the selection of high quality raw materials, grinding, screening, and take, save, use, carefully to control every part of the.

In daily life, the whole wheat food for more and more people know, and accept. But not everyone knows the true nutritional content. Whole wheat flour is made from whole grain wheat grinding powder, don't in general wheat flour will removal of the bran and germ, only the part of the endosperm was ground into powder, and whole wheat flour produced by the constituents of the bran, and includes the wheat all nutrients, nutritional value higher than wheat flour, contains rich protein, fiber quality, vitamins and other nutrients.

Grain all its beauty hand grasp cake, leading brands, strict selection of high-quality flour and the top of the top edible oil, not containing animal oil, refused to trans fatty acids, ingredients nutrition science, carefully crafted. Golden and crisp hand grasp in the cake is Lili Mei dried vegetables and wheat, structured, silk surface even 1000, crisp outside, tender, delicious tangy, your taste buds to bring new sensory experience.



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