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The first advantage: easy to sell 


The 10-30 RMB sale price makes everyone can afford it. The food safety is assured and there are plenty of tastes to choose. 

·   Germ cake: The products made from our own production line have passed the food safety certification of US FDA and USDA, the food safety is assured.

·   Sauces: The top-secret sauce recipe that breaks the traditional western sauces and oriental flavors and has a variety of tastes to choose.

·   Fillings: Sprinkle the golden cheese and fillings to the crispy germ cake. The air is filled with fragrance and the lingering aftertaste lasts for a long time after the live cooking.

The second advantage: easy to make

  • ·   Standard: The germ cake, sauces and ingredients are all produced from the central production base

    ·   Convenient: The headquarter is responsible for the distribution of all kinds of raw material and other materials.

    ·   Efficient: Give away opening support package. You can immediately be able to open as long as you have a store.

    ·   Thoughtful: Have comprehensive supporting policy in the later development.

    ·   Considerate: The Victor will teach you the 14 joining steps very carefully and help the franchisees to open the store easily. 

The third advantage: easy to assist

  Celebrity endorsement: Company spends much money having Jay Chou and Mengli as our spokesperson to open a new chapter of the development.

 ·   Online marketing: We are committed to develop the construction of network platform and the electronic mall and the platform of Weibo and WeChat is gradually planning.

·   Brand promotion: We use different channels to promote, including television, subway, outdoor media, social media, network media and so on.

·   Public relations: We promote through various magazines and newspaper and we accept the exclusive interviews and entrepreneurship speech activities from different media.



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